Our Services

We represent employers and other business clients in the following areas:

Employment Law

Employment law covers the entire range of the employer-employee relationship, from the initial application to the final termination. There are many laws that cover compensation, benefits, the workplace environment, and protection of trade secrets and company resources. Depending on the company’s size, the employer may have other obligations to employees dealing with disabilities or serious health conditions affecting themselves or family members.

Many of the problems in this area can be avoided through early planning and development of sound employment policies and employee agreements. When disputes arise, it is critical to get an early start in developing a sound litigation plan to resolve the case on favorable terms. We have experience representing employers in all of these areas.

Civil Litigation

The majority of our civil litigation practice involves employment lawsuits and disputes between businesses. While litigation is good for our business, we recognize that it can be difficult for yours. Because civil litigation almost always involves a business dispute, we believe that you should also approach your litigation from a business perspective.

We will help you navigate the complexities of your legal dispute and develop a strategy that makes good economic sense for you and your business.

Employee Benefits

Successful companies offer a wide range of benefits to their employees. These benefits are often subject to complex state and federal regulations. This means that they can be complicated and costly—especially if they are not designed or administered correctly. We will help you design, administer, and review your employee benefits, from your paid time off policy through your group health plan.

Even the most careful companies sometimes find themselves in lawsuits involving employee benefits. This may involve a state law claim for an unpaid bonus or a federal lawsuit for benefits under an ERISA plan. We know how to handle these cases.

Corporate Law

Starting a new company is more than filing a form with the Secretary of State. Too many companies start with a good business idea but run into trouble because of easily avoided legal missteps. A good business strategy requires a clear understanding of the rights and obligations of the owners, employees, vendors, and customers.

We can draft your organizational documents and make sure that you have everything you need to get started. As your business grows, we can review and draft your operating agreements, employment policies, benefit plans, compliance materials, and business contracts to help you avoid common pitfalls and enjoy steady and secure growth.